Technology plays an important role in your business. You should demand a consultant with a proven track record. EFG has successfully implemented and upgraded hundreds of clients’ systems. We recognize that the main goal isn’t just implementing software, but making sure that the software streamlines your business processes and follows best practices.

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Accounting Analysis

With our extensive accounting experience backed by knowledge we’ve gained from hundreds of implementations, EFG is able to ensure that your implementation goes smoothly. We begin by reviewing your software setup, current workflows, policies and procedures, custom reports, and all the other details unique to your company. We’re prepared to offer you the guidance or direct assistance necessary to document your operations.

Project Management

Successfully implementing software and systems requires skilled and experienced project management. EFG understands the complex critical relationships between property management, accounting, and a client’s particular business model. Our implementations team will map the necessary steps in a straightforward manner to ensure the successful completion of your project. Whether you have the resources to perform much of the work yourself, or require any services from our team of experienced professionals, all tasks will be clearly defined and thoroughly communicated with a critical eye on project deadlines.

Change Management

EFG understands that there may be resistance to the prospect of change. Careful and detailed planning, along with healthy doses of listening, patience, diplomacy, and the right amount of coaching, defines our implementation approach. Your staff’s participation is vital to the success of the project; we work diligently to partner with them to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Data Import

Whether it’s an implementation project, or day-to-day business, meticulously loading import templates with data and accurately uploading them to your new software environment can be a bit overwhelming. Let EFG take care of it for you!

Software Migration

EFG can help you migrate data from one accounting software to another. We’ve converted clients like you both to and from Yardi, MRI, AppFolio, etc.

Fast Track Implementations

If your implementation is urgent, let EFG fast track your project. We’ll put you back on schedule and across the finish line.



At EFG, we believe that better decisions are made when accurate, timely, and easy-to-understand information is at your fingertips. We work with you to analyze your needs, then use the latest technology to bring efficiency to your system so you can concentrate on managing your business.

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Custom Reporting

You have questions—your software should provide straight answers. Don’t waste time with error-prone spreadsheets. Let our experienced Programmers with real-world operational and financial reporting experience create or customize your reporting to provide actionable data, key performance metrics, job cost reporting, and third-party financial reporting the way they want to see it.

Advanced Scripting

Our experienced Programmers can fix your existing database, make appropriate revisions across its entirety, and use advanced tools to save precious time. Legacy systems are not a problem.

Integrations & Customizations

EFG can integrate or build functionality that gives you a competitive advantage. You decide what business applications you want to use. Keeping in mind our mutual software license agreements, we’ll provide the necessary customizations to make the software work for you. There’s no need to rekey—whether it’s a database or software integration, implementation, on-boarding or off-boarding—when EFG can help you move data from one location to another.



EFG Trainers are the best in the industry. Our comprehensive training materials and manuals are written by experienced Users. Our documentation is clear and concise. Our training techniques are engaging and fun, and our training programs are flexible and customizable. We custom design training for your company, using your policies and procedures, and screenshots from your database. EFG provides training that is web-based or live at your site or training center, in groups or one-on-one. We can also record training for your learning management system.


Help Desk

At EFG, we understand that ongoing needs and unexpected issues frequently arise, and we recognize the importance of addressing them quickly. Therefore we offer Help Desk support services for our clients. Take advantage of an experienced team of experts to assist you with ongoing support and issue resolution whenever you may need it. 

We start off with a Service Ticket to help us track your issue through completion. We use advanced remote support technology to help you resolve the issue safely and securely. All customer inquiries are logged and tracked, and a dedicated specialist will ensure that you receive a timely response and assistance all the way through to resolution.


Accounting Services

Eng Flanders Group has a fundamental understanding of property management accounting. We also know that hiring reliable accountants and maintaining accurate books can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore, we offer accounting and bookkeeping services tailored to your needs. Our team of experts will ensure your accounting cycle runs smoothly and accurately. Click here for a full list of our accounting services.

  • Accounts Receivable / Payable
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Move-In / Move-Out Accounting
  • Commercial Recoveries
  • Trust Accounting
  • GAAP Entries
  • Financial Review and Reports
  • Financial Best Practices

Accounting, Consulting, Training and Services for:

  • Investment Management
  • Office & Industrial
  • Retail
  • Public Housing
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Condo, Co-op, HOA
  • Construction & Development
  • Budgeting & Forecasting