Attempting to recover your Common Area Maintenance costs using the same old Excel spreadsheets and/or manual letters? Suffer no more. Let us show how to automate your Common Area Maintenance (CAM) recoveries with RecoverPro by Eng Flanders Group.

  • Fixed-Cost Estimate and Reconciliation letters that immediately places you in league with industry leaders
  • Reconciliation Tie-Out Packages that help streamline your review and posting process
  • Tenant Expense Detail Reports that minimizes questions and eliminates awkward tenant “pushback”
  • Troubleshooting designed to identify and remove common data issues

Use RecoverPRO℠ recovery templates to create branded, professional-level CAM reconciliation reports and letters directly from your Yardi Voyager platform. Modify your existing correspondence, or upgrade your reports to Yardi’s state-of-the-art YSR format. Or, starting from scratch? EFG's team of recovery experts can take you from Excel workbooks to full automation using RecoverPRO,℠ all in time for your 2023 calculations.

RecoverPRO Includes:

We provide Accounting, Consulting, Training and Support Services for:

  • Investment Management
  • Office & Industrial
  • Retail
  • Public Housing
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Condo, Co-op, HOA
  • Construction & Development
  • Budgeting & Forecasting