Our experience in property management, accounting and technology makes us uniquely qualified to serve your needs.

The Team

With decades of combined experience in property management, accounting, and consulting, our highly knowledgeable team operates efficiently, autonomously, and creatively within our strategic process, continually fostering a sense of trust within our organization and, most importantly, with our clients. EFG strives to continually learn and share in order to maintain the highest level of services delivery attainable.

Dona Eng

Dona Eng

Founder & President



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Dona Lane Eng Founder & President

Dona has over 30 years of property management accounting experience, and has worked with owners, investors, property managers, court-appointed receivers, bank asset managers, private trusts and homeowners associations (HOA). She has extensive experience in the property management industry, including commercial, residential, maintenance management, affordable housing, job costing for developers, senior living, and HOA.

She began her consulting practice in 1997 shortly after Yardi introduced its first Windows-based product, and she continues to remain current on all Yardi programs. She has since added expertise in other property management software systems as well, at both the enterprise and small business levels. Her unique combination of skills enables her to provide EFG’s clients with valuable resources in terms of best practices, business processes, accounting, auditing, problem solving, and the implementation of effective technology solutions.

Dona is dedicated to assisting individuals in their careers goals because she believes that happy and successful employees are a major part of a long-term strategy to ensure growth through productivity, efficiency and employee retention. She strongly believes in empowering people through education.

Dona holds a B.S. from Woodbury University and is a member of the Affordable Housing Management Association and Arizona Multi-housing Association.

Gaelan Flanders

Gaelan Flanders

VP of Technology



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Gaelan Flanders VP of Technology

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Brad Setser

Brad Setser

Director of Business Development



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Brad Setser Director of Business Development

Brad brings 20 years of experience in the real estate management tech industry. He started his career in RE tech at Yardi in 2002, where he served as vice president of marketing and headed up Yardi’s global marketing efforts. As part of his role at Yardi, he served on industry committees such as National Apartment Association (NAA) international technology committees, NAA Education Institute board, and Realcomm technology and investment management committees. He has been a regular guest speaker and panelist for many association conferences, and has provided keynotes for Realcomm, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and the CBRE Americas Conference.

In 2017 he semi-retired from Yardi and started his own independent consulting practice in which he advised investment firms that were pursuing investments in real estate tech companies. After five years of consulting on his own, he was offered the opportunity to join Eng Flanders Group. Knowing Dona Eng since his early years at Yardi and the stellar reputation that Eng Flanders Group had in the industry, he enthusiastically accepted and is thrilled to be part of the Eng Flanders team!

Brad holds an MFA from New York University. He lives in Oak View, CA with his wife, two rottweilers, a basset hound and a dachshund. He is an avid biker and rides with Society of Riders, a Southern California motorcycle club that sponsors a larger riding club to promote group rides for all skill levels, and that raises funds through its charities Ride for Autism and Families in Need.

Colin Flanders

Colin Flanders Project Manager

Colin has 15 years of experience in property management with an expertise in accounting. In his current position at Eng Flanders Group, he manages implementation projects, handles complex accounting analyses, provides training on accounting modules and leads teams for large data entry projects. He developed the Accounting Services department for EFG and handed it off to highly skilled team members to provide accounting services to EFG’s clients. He has worked with clients throughout the U.S. across multiple portfolio types including retail, office, industrial, single family, multifamily and student housing. In 2011, he purchased a small single family home management company in the Palm Springs, CA area, successfully grew the business and sold it for a profit.

With his multi-faceted experience he has developed an extensive knowledge of different software suites and financial systems with an in-dept knowledge of the industry. This enables him to understand client needs, assist them in establishing the appropriate accounting procedures and ensure a smooth project transition.

In his free time Colin likes talking about science and technology with anyone who will listen. He also enjoys eating pies and sandwiches, and reading science fiction. He holds a B.S. in Professional Accountancy and Information Systems from California State University Northridge.

Tao Cheung

Tao Cheung Project Manager

Tao joined Eng Flanders Group in 2015, bringing with him 31 years of experience in property management and accounting. Before joining Eng Flanders Group, he spent over 20 years in the property management business working for organizations such as Metropolitan Pacific Capital, Denley Investments and Global Integrity. The expertise he acquired while employed at these companies has enabled him to be a key liaison between computer programs and accounting procedures here at EFG.

As Project Manager and Consultant, he leverages his expertise in multiple property management, accounting and revenue management software systems to assist clients in maximizing the value of their platforms and oversee their accounting processes and procedures. His aim is to help ensure the productivity, efficiency and integrity of their business, revenue and financial reporting.

Susie Comi

Susie Comi

Executive Assistant



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Susie Comie Executive Assistant

Susie joined Eng Flanders Group in 2017 and brings over 25 years’ experience in customer service and 11 years in benefits and HR. She is the backbone of EFG, making sure our company runs smoothly and efficiently while making sure we are responsive to our clients and that our projects are properly documented. She handles all our staff support including HR and benefits, customer administration and contracting, and client billing.

Susie lives in Los Angeles with her Maltipoo puppy-she-didn’t-know-she-wanted Bess, and her very tolerant rescue cat, Smooch. When she is not working, she can often be found running, reading, or working out.

Dave Forrest

Dave Forrest

Senior Accountant



818.981.0703 x121

Dave Forrest Senior Accountant

Dave has 20 years of experience in property management and real estate accounting and has worked for multiple commercial real estate investment groups and management companies. He first joined Eng Flanders Group in the late 2000s and helped kickstart our Accounting Services department. After taking a break to pursue some more commercial management opportunities, he returned to EFG and now is helping expand our vision for the Accounting Services team. Dave takes an upbeat, positive approach to helping his clients, and is persistently focused on addressing their needs. When he’s not working, he enjoys cooking from scratch, reading, hiking & traveling.

Holly Navarrete

Holly Navarrete

Accounting Clerk



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Holly Navarrete Accounting Clerk

Holly comes to Eng Flanders Group from the medical industry and has quickly ramped up on accounting for property management, now having expertise in multiple property management and accounting software systems. Her attention to detail, customer service skills and compassionate nature that allowed her to be successful working with patients with medical insurance issues have translated perfectly into helping EFG clients with their accounting needs. While she spent 13 years in her previous job, she was elated when the opportunity to join EFG was presented to her because she recognized how strong the EFG team is, and because a position at a fully remote company would be a great benefit because it would provide more time for her to spend with her family.

She is a passionate about photography and works as a freelance photographer on the side. When she is not working or taking photos, she can be found with her husband and two daughters playing games or relaxing in the outdoors.

Mike Pierce

Mike Pierce Project Manager

Mike joined the Eng Flanders Group in 2018, bringing over 25 years of experience in IT and residential property management technology. Since joining the EFG team, his focus has expanded beyond residential into other areas of the property management business such as apartment marketing, commercial management, asset management and electronic payables. He has in-depth expertise in multiple property management software systems including Yardi and Appfolio, as well as legacy systems from which he helps his clients migrate.

Mike takes pride in his attention to details in order to meet client expectations. He is always willing to learn a new skillset and take on new challenges. When not learning a new facet of software, he likes to spend his time learning a new complex board game, painting, finding new and interesting Instagram food spots, and enjoying time with his rescue terrier-poodle Daisy.

Learn more about Mike here.

Jocelyn Pohlman

Jocelyn Pohlman Project Manager

Jocelyn has been with Eng Flanders Group since 2016 and brings 10 years of experience in real estate management software, and she specializes in commercial management and has acute expertise in common area maintenance recoveries. Prior to joining EFG she served as Technical Account Manager in Yardi’s Global Solutions department, where she implemented and supported Yardi’s commercial property management platform. Her education in accounting and computer science enables her to ensure that her clients successfully implement their property management software and assist clients already using software to take advantage of its full capabilities to successfully achieve their management goals.

Jocelyn is thrilled with the opportunity to be part of the EFG team because she can work remotely, leaving her more time to enjoy getting outside with her husband and two young girls. She and her family love hiking and exploring together out in the sunshine of the beautiful California central coast.

Holly Gerber

Holly Gerber

Programming Specialist



818.981.0703 x109

Holly Gerber Programming Specialist

Holly joined Eng Flanders Group after three years as Software Support Manager at RPM Living, a multifamily property management company based in Austin, TX. At RPM, she was responsible for the testing, implementation and training on the company’s business platforms, including migrating new properties and portfolios, as well as writing custom reports and import scripts. She is proficient in multiple software products used in the property management business, in the automation of key business processes, and in SQL programming language.

Holly graduated from University of Pittsburgh with degrees in urban planning, political science and studio art. In her spare time, she is a fanatic of all sports, particularly baseball. She played fastpitch softball for over 10 years, and now she coaches an age 12-and-under girls softball team. She also enjoys cooking, trying craft beers, kickboxing, yoga and refurbishing old audio components from the 80’s. Holly currently resides in Austin, TX with her partner Steven and their sweet pittie-mix Maggie.

Garrett Schnitzler

Garrett Schnitzler

Senior Programming Specialist



818.981.0703 x106

Garrett Schnitzler Senior Programming Specialist

Garrett came to Eng Flanders Group in 2017 from Yardi’s commercial implementation team. He brings along his property management software implementation and programming expertise, a natural love for programing and finance, and a formal education in economics, computer science, and accounting.

He fancies himself as the perfect property management software Fixer. In his five years at Eng Flanders he has yet to meet a programming project he couldn't complete. When other implementers and programmers say it can't be done, Garrett says “challenge accepted!”

He jumped at the opportunity to join EFG because it is a fully remote company. It has given him the opportunity to work from 43 different countries from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pyramids of Egypt. After starting in California and traveling all across the world, Garrett recently found he needed to trade in his surfboard for a snowboard when he finally settled down in Prague with his wife.

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